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The “Ikarian and Fourniotic News” was a 2-monthly magazine of the Province of Ikaria (islands Ikaria and Fourni). The edition stopped in April 2000. This webpage was supporting the hard copy edition and was not renewed since March 2001.

However, the interest on thw content of the webpage never stopped. See chart

In February 2006 the editor decided to start a new period by editing an electronic journal. The content will continue to be similar to that of the initial edition.

  • the development of the Province of Ikaria,
  • economic, community and environment issues,
  • local authority actions and policies related to the Province,
  • promoting exemplary actions,
  • promoting useful initiatives.
  • historic and statistic information related to the Province.

The edition is addressed to the inhabitants and to the organizations of the Province, to Ikarians and Fourniots who live abroad, to the Prefecture of Samos, to the North Aegean Region, to the ministries and public agencies who deal with the Province of Ikaria and last but not least to the friends of the Ikarian Province, aiming in filling the persisting information gap.

Conclusions of the conference “EMPLOYMENT ISSUES in Border Insular Regions, Ikaria,23-1-99 (in greek)


Conclusions of the “Seminar on Bio-culture”, Akamatra,7-9 of May 1999 (in greek)

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