A UNESCO collaborating school

A Greek high school with various extra curriculum activities,
including environmental education, health education and
cultural matters

SCHOOL YEAR 2001-2002
Program of the school activities and events

General subject in cooperation with UNESCO:
Communication forms - human relations"

A. Cultural programs



1. Students’ thoughts about the Global situation
Mrs Arida, Mrs Zgourou

2. Communication via means of entertainment from 1970 till today
Mr Skouroglou, Mrs Miliou

3. The humanitarian aspect of Ancient Greek Tragedy
Mrs Prevena, Mrs Sakellariou

4. Language as means of communication
Mrs Miliou, Mrs Vassiliadou

5. Refugees, a major problem of the world
Mrs Sgourou, Mrs Feliou

6. Games from Antiquity (Cooperation with a cooperative school in Cyprus)
Mrs Petri, Mrs Anasi

7. Mathematics magazine
Mrs Vourdaha, Mr Louka

8. Magazine book about manners and customs-Folklore stories from Greece and other countries
Mrs Kalpaktsidou, Mrs Vlahou

9. My Greek fellow-student, I’m here too Our foreign students present elements from their Folklore and modern civilization from their home-countries
Mrs Trapali, Mr Fiotakis

10. “Φίλε μου, γεια σου! - Hello my Friend! - Salut mon amie!” Correspondence as a means of communication, acquaintance, exchange, information and civilization, friendship and peaceful co-existence
Mrs Trpali, Mr Fiotakis

11. Magazine “Students’ Problems”
Mrs Kounadis, Mrs Vasiliou

12. Entertainment: ”Long live the Greek song” (music, dancing, cinema, theatre, multimedia)
Mrs Tsakalopoulou, Mrs Paliokosta, Mr Kounadis

13. “The second NO” (April 6th-May 31th 1991) In cooperation with the high school of Platania-Hania and the 6th high school of Serrres
Mr Kounadis, Mrs Terzoudi

14. Literature presentations: ”Xenopoulos”
Mrs Terzoudi

15. Department of journalism and photography
Mrs Kalpaktsidou, Mrs Koutsouba

16. European Currencies before the Euro
Mrs Didaskalou, Mrs Kalogeropoulou

17. Dancing and playing as a means of communication
Mrs Valvi, Mr Tsoulias

18. Evolution of the Greek Railways
Mrs Lagou, Mrs Arida

19. Intra-school chess competition (chess club)
Mr louka, Mrs Kalpaktsidou

20. “A picture is a thousands words”
Mrs Paliokosta

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B. Environmental Education

1. “Water”
Mrs Petri, Mrs Anasi

2. “Greenery”
Mr Louka, Mrs Didaskalou

3. “School on the mountain”
Mr Fiotakis, Mr Kounadis

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C. Health Education

1. “Exposure to Solar radiation”
Mrs Petri, Mrs Anasi

2. “Accidents in the school and in the house”
Mrs Felliou, Mrs Sakellariou

3. “Obesity in our days”
Mr Tsoulias, Mr Dafas

4. “Alcohol”
Mrs Vourdaha, Mrs Vidra

5. “Smoking”
Mr Skaperas, Mrs Vidra

6. “Dral cavity hygince”
Mrs Vasiliadou, Mrs Vasiliou

7. “First Aid”
Mrs Kalpaktsidou, Mrs Lagou

8. “Voluntary blood-donation-Thalassaemia”
Mrs Georgouli - Mr Skouroglou

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D. Career Education

1. ”Social Services”
Mrs Georgouli

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E. Other Programs

1. ITCOLE program ”Improvement of educational Models for computer aided co operational learning”
Cooperation with University Departments and schools from Greece, Italy, Spain, Holland, Finland, Germany
Mr Kounadis, Mr Fiotakis

2. www.14gymnasio.gr
Updating of the school web site
Mr Kounadis

3. “14th Digital Magazine” On-line magazine
Mr Kounadis

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