[Green ball]A typical American family can produce 45 kilos of litter per week.
[Green ball] The ammount of iron and steel we are throwing away could cover the needs of the American automobile industry.
[Green ball] You can save thousands of litres water if you sweep the sidewalks and the yard of your house with a broom instead of washing them with water.
[Green ball] You can save at least 60 litres of water if you use a special mechanism to regulate the water when you are washing your car.
[Green ball] The 3/4 of the water used in our households are flashed down the toilet.
[Green ball] The total cost of hot water for cleaning needs is 200 milion Dollars in the USA.
[Green ball] 75% of the total glass production in the USA is used for packaging purposes.
[Green ball] The energy used in every house in the USA corresponds to 4000 litres per year.
[Green ball] 70% of the metals are used only one time in the USA.... and afterwards are thrown away.
[Green ball] The energy used in every household in the USA for heating, cooling and electric apliances is more than 1000 Dolars per year.
[Green ball] The production of meet, drairy and eggs corresponds to 1/3 of the raw materials used in the USA.
[Green ball] The yearly production of plastic in America is that much that 5 kilos of plastics to correspond in everyone in oyr planet.
[Green ball] If we continue to produce litter in the same ammount, sooner or later we will need 500 new trash heap places a year.
[Green ball] Packaging mania: Almost half of the paper used in the USA goes exclusively for packaging purposes.
[Green ball] A pine nut filled with peanutbutter is a very good way of feeding birds in the winter.
[Green ball] The people living in Los Angeles are traveling every day to a distance of 230,000 km - this is the distance of Earth from Mars.
[Green ball] When you are buing new electric appliances it is better to choose the ones that are using less power.
[Green ball] The best way to clean the swage systems: pour a handful of soda powder and half a glass of vinegar. Cover for one minute. Then throw plenty of warm water.
[Green ball] In Christmas we have almost 40% of the yearly sales in batteries.
[Green ball] In 1987 more than 20 bil. kilos of plastics were produced in America.
[Green ball] Be more suspicious with the coffee you drink: the pesticides that are not allowed in the USA are exported to the countries that produce coffee and then we import this coffee.
[Green ball] The checkens are fed with food having artificial colour in order to make the yellow of the egg more colourful.
[Green ball] 1/3 of the paper producing industries in the USA use exclusively recycled paper.
[Green ball] Take care any leakage in your car refrigerator. The toxic substances used in the defrost liquid are sweet and the birds like them.
[Green ball] Do you know how much do the litter you "produce" weight?
[Green ball] Almost 600 times more than your actual weight.
[Green ball] In the USA the aluminium that is thrown away is that much, that it could be used again for building airplanes.
[Green ball] Amazing: You need 300 litres of water in order to make a pile of butter.
[Green ball] You can clean the plastic bags and use them again.
[Green ball] You can find in the super markets detergent without chlorium.
[Green ball] Americans are buing (and throw away) 500 milion of ligthers per year.
[Green ball] You need 2 litres of water to boil pasta... and another one for cleaning the sausepan.
[Green ball] If you put one part of oil in one milion parts of water you change the smell and the tast of this water.
[Green ball] Lowering the thermostat by one degree, you are saving 5% from your heating bill.
[Green ball] 8% of the heating can get away from the room if the fly of the fireplace is open.
[Green ball] A "longer life" lamb is less economical in energy than a common one.
[Green ball] Beware of the fire detectors. Some of them contain radio active substances.
[Green ball] Machine oil: a very good way to make doors, windows etc less noisy.
[Green ball] Clean the lambs more often, the dust absorbs the light and costs more in energy.
[Green ball] 200 milions tonns of pesticides are used every year only in California.
[Green ball] Contrary to what it is believed, the small electric appliances are not using much electricity.
[Green ball] 3 million cars are abandoned every year in the USA.
[Green ball] 6,3 mil. tonns of garbage are thrown away in the sea every year.
[Green ball] USA is importing raw aluminium from Guinea, Australia and Brazil.
[Green ball] A leaky tap can waste more than 150 litres of water in one day.
[Green ball] 99,9% of the sweet water on earth are in icebergs.
[Green ball] A recycled aluminium can is melted and within 6 weeks returns to the saling place.
[Green ball] More than a bilion trees are cut every year for the manufacture of baby napkins.
[Green ball] 75% of the solid garbages in automn consists of dry leaves.
[Green ball] 1/3 of the garbages in the USA are packagings that are immediately thrown away.
[Green ball] Plywood emits formaleyde, which is one of the main home pollutants.
[Green ball] When you change your car's battery remember: your old one can give you some money.
[Green ball] The detergent used in the dishes washing machine is usually a common detergent that contains colouring substances and artificial aromas.
[Green ball] The best way to get rid of the mice, if your house is full of them, is to use a mousetrap.
[Green ball] Packaging mania: in the USA almost 8% of steel is used for packaging material.
[Green ball] Only 3% of the earth's water is drinkable.
[Green ball] A leaky toilet is wasting in a period of six months 150,000 litres of water.
[Green ball] Recycled paper is used for napkins and for sanitary paper.
[Green ball] People who eat figs like aranges very much.
[Green ball] Americans are using 1,5 trilion litres of water every day.
[Green ball] Every american is "producing" more than 500 kilos of solid garbage every year.
[Green ball] Only 26 recycled plastic bottles are needed to make a polystyrene costume.
[Green ball] 450,000 plastic bottles are thrown every day into the see by boats or vessels.
[Green ball] Packaging mania: In the USA almost 40% of the aluminium is used for packaging.
[Green ball] Do not forget: the aluminium foil can be recycled.
[Green ball] When a well gets useless, we can feel the value of water.
[Green ball] Never leave the refrigerator's door open, the refrigeration is lost within seconds.
[Green ball] Carton boxes is the main source or recycled paper.
[Green ball] The green grass around a tree retards the evaporation of mist.
[Green ball] Plastic garbages kill one milion of sea birds a year.
[Green ball] If you want to see if the toilet is leaking, throw some soil into the flasher.
[Green ball] Amazing: You need more than 8000 litres of water to make a steak.
[Green ball] To make half kilo of meat you neen 100 times more water than half kilo of wheat.
[Green ball] At MacDonalds the beef used in hamburgers and served in a week corresponds to 16,000 animals.
[Green ball] Every person in the USA is using more than 5 milions litres of water per year.
[Green ball] Every year in the USA 7 bilion tonns of siol is destroyd.
[Green ball] Amazing: you need 1,300 litres of water to cook a portion of chicken.
[Green ball] Wildflowers and aromatic plants insure food to useful insects.