SCHOOL YEAR 2000-2001

  • Overall Programme Design: Mrs Adriani Georgiou
  • Co-ordination: Mrs Kalpaktsidou Chrisi
  • Substitute: Mrs Petri Moschoula

Theme title (for the co-operation with Unesco)
"West Attica: then and now"
(Natural, historical, social environment-tradition-culture-quality of life-problems-visions.
Special tribute to Peristeri.)

A. Cultural Programmes related to the theme title.

1. Refugees from Asia Minor: the uprooting, the settlement in West Attica- conditions of life (study-research-presentation)
Pedagogical team: Sakellariou Ekaterini, Prevena Ekaterini, Arida Paraskevi

2. Elefsinian Mysteries: historical flashback (study\research\presentation)
Felliou Ioanna, Zgourou Vasiliki

3. Place-names of W. Attica (study\research\presentation)
Didaskalou Fotini, Trapali Chrisoula

4. Photography Exhibition of Peristeri (tribute\photographic club)
Didaskalou Fotini, Trapali Chrisoula

5. Dances from Asia Minor and Folk dances (dance)
Tsoulias Evagelos, Valvi Maria

6. Literature Presentation of West Attica's authors (many various authors) (Tribute\research)
Sakellariou Ekaterini, Felliou Ioanna, Zgourou Vasiliki, Vasiliadou Ekaterini

7. Tradition (dress, diet, customs and habits) of the people from Asia Minor in West Attica (study\research)
Anasi Mina, Lagou Dimitra

8. Songs by the school chorus related to the West Attica (musical tribute)
Kantara Athina

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B. Cultural programmes with other topics

1. Printing a yearly school Magazine, with topics related to the west Attica and other subjects.

A\ content:
Vasiliou Athanasia, Terzoudi Avgi, Miliou Evagelia, Nika Ageliki

B\digital on line magazine:
Kounadis Stavros, Fiotakis Dimosthenis, Nika Ageliki

2. Presentation of a personality in cooperation with the Aeroplio theatre (Iakovos Kambanellis: his life, his work, his times, songs and a theatrical scene from a play of his) music, song, research, theatre, exhibition, language, texts, research.
Georgiou Adriani, Kantara Athina, Nika Ageliki, Skouroglou Constantinos

3. Theatre performance of the play: "The Courtyard of Miracles" by I. Kambanellis. Theatrical performance for the two-days festival
Georgiou Adriani, Nika Ageliki, Kantara Athina, Livada Eugenia, Anasi Asimina, Paliokosta Panagiota

4. a\ Updating, of the school's Internet Site and creation of an Internet Club.
Kounadis Stavros

   b\ Starting a journalism and photography club.
Kalpaktsidou Chrisi, Petri Moschoula

5. a\  Historical presence of Hellenism in South Italy (study-research)
Kalogeropoulou Konstantina, Koutsouba Maria

   b\ Hellenic elements today in South Italy (study – research)
Vurdaha Evagelia, Louka Argiris

   c\ Musical tradition and language in South Italy (study-research)
Fiotakis Dimosthenis, Kantara Athina, Nika Ageliki

6. Intra school chess competition (chess-club)
Louka Argiris, Skaperas Andreas

7. Literary presentation of our national poet K. Palamas (study-research-tribute)
Trapali Chrisoula

8. Art Studio.
Paliokosta Panagiota

9. Improvement of school grounds and maintenance of the greenery.
Louka Argiris, Kroustalloudi Maria, Didaskalou Fotini

10. Running of the school Library
Lagou Dimitra, Arida Paraskevi

11. Organization of class Libraries
Vasiliou Athanasia

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C. Health Education

1. a \Smoking
Louka Argiris, Didaskalou Fotini

   b \ Alcohol
Vourdaha Evagelia

2. First Aid
Lagou Dimitra, Kalpaktsidou Chrisa

3. Prevention and stomatic health
Terzoudi Avgi, Trapali Chrisoula

4. Nutrition: disorders in puberty
Anasi Asimina, Livada Eugenia

5. Prevention of orthopaedic problems in childhood, 12-13 years old
Koutsouba Maria, Didaskalou Fotini, Kalogeropoulou Konstantina

6. Voluntary blood donation
Georgouli Konstantina

7. Thalassaemic anaemia
Georgouli Konstantina, Kantara Athina

8. Traffic accidents (with A class)
Petri Moschoula

9. Obesity in our days
Tsoulias Evagelos, Miliou Evagelia

Co-ordination: Kalpaktsidou Chrisa, Louka Argiris

10. Gestures Dictionary: Speaking with my hands, listening with my eyes
(Study \research through Internet in cooperation with a school in Israel.)
Kounadis Stavros, Fiotakis Dimosthenis

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D.  Environmental Education

Pollution problems in W.Attica (garbage, tip, pollution of water reservoirs etc)
Petri Moschoula, Vlahou Alexandra, Louka Argiris

Co-ordination: Kalpaktsidou Chrisa

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E. European Programmes

1. Socrates: Evaluation of quality in education.
Continuing with the group of our school (Kalpaktsidou, Louka Argiris, Didaskalou F., Anasi A., Paliokosta P., Vasiliou, Sakellariou A., Felliou I., Kounadis S.)

Co-ordination: Mrs Kalpaktsidou Chrisi. Substitute: Mrs Petri

2. SEPPE: Improvement of school grounds. Use of teaching aids for enriching the teaching process.
Co-ordination: Mrs Kalpaktsidou Chrisi
Supervisor: Fiotakis Dimosthenis

3. EPEAEK- ODYSSEY: (Mnistires)
Use of new technology for the support of the educational programme in charge: Kounadis Stavros.

4. Preparation for the COMENIUS programme with topic:
Folk music of people
Co-operation with Cyprus and other countries in charge: Fiotakis Dimosthenis

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F. Other programme "NOSTOS"

Co-operation with the homonymous centre for the creation of a supportive teaching class and the social integration of immigrant children and the children who come to their parents' homeland, Greece.
Kalpaktsidou Chrisi

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G. Co-operation with schools abroad.

1. Continuing our co-operation with the fraternal Gymnasium of Neapolis in Lemessos Cyprus (exchange of visits, views etc.)
Co-ordination: Kalpaktsidou Chrisi, Louka Argiris

2. Continuing the exchanges of visits with the German school "Ludwig Georgs Gymnasium" of Darmstadt
Co-ordination: Georgiou Adriani, Substitute: Kalpaktsidou Chrisi

3. Co-operation with a school in Israel through the programme "Gestures Dictionary: Speaking with my eyes, listening with my eyes"
Co-ordination: Kounadis Stavros
In charge: Fiotakis Dimosthenis

4. Co-operation with a school in Sweden and other European schools through the programme "Presentation of a personality" in co-operation with the "Aeroplio" theatre.
Co-ordination: Kalpaktsidou Chrisi

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