SCHOOL YEAR 1999-2000

General Programming and Coordination: Andriani Georgiou – Principal

(A) Theme: On the footsteps of the year 2000

(a)  International Year for the Promotion of Peace

(b) Social, economic and ecological development of nations, visions and difficulties.

(1) “The Mediterranean, sea of peace for its people”.
Literature representation of poets and prose writers of countries around the Mediterranean sea, with literary presentations and publications.
Koutsoumpa Maria, Felliou Ioanna, Sgourou Vasiliki, & Kalogeropoulou Kostantina.
Didaskalou Fotini for typing printed material and art presentation.

(2) Antiwar prose.
Literature presentations.
Arida Paraskevi, Sakellariou Ekaterini, Lagou Dimitra

(3) Prose writers of peace.
Literature presentations.
Terzoudi Avgi, Vasiliou Thea, Trapali Chrysoula

(4) Publication of a magazine with contents based on the overall theme
“On the footsteps of the year 2000”.
(Classes B4 and B5), Terzoudi Avgi

(5) Book Display
Themes based on overall theme.
Andriani Georgiou

(6) The “Olympic  Ideal”, message of peace to all nations.
Publications, presentations.
Sakellariou Ekaterini, Felliou Ioanna, & Sgourou Vasiliki

(7) Approaching the Olympic Games
Lecture, presentations, games competitions, awards, dancing.
Valvi Maria, Tsoulias Evangelos, Georgiou Andriani, Anasi Mina

(8) Art Exhibition.
Exhibits based on the overall theme.
Paliokosta Nota

(9) Publication of a calendar.
All proceeds donated to the earthquake victims.

(10) Foundation of society of young journalists and photographers.
Themes based on school life, fighting poverty, peace.
Georgiou Andriani, Kalpaktsidou Chrysa

(11) International organisations for peace.
Georgouli Kostantina

(12) Theatrical presentation.
Eugene Ionesco’s  “Rhinoceros”
Vasiliadou Ekaterini

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(B) Health Education

(1) First Aid.
Kalpaktsidou Chrysa, Lagou Dimitra

(2) Blood donations – Sickle Cell Anaemia.
Georgouli Kostantina

(3) Motor Vehicle Accidents.
Petri Moshoula

(4) Prevention of the use of alcohol.
Kroustalloudi Maria, Vourdaha Evangelia

(5) Smoking.
Louka Argyris, Vidra Elissavet

(7) Nutritional Habits – Mediterranean Diet.
Anasi Mina

(8) Mouth Hygiene and Prevention of Disease.
Vasiliou Thea, Terzoudi Avgi, Trapali Chrysoula

(9) Sport, a defining factor for physical and spiritual health.
Valvi Maria, Tsoulias Evangelos, Vlahou Alexandra

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(C ) Environment Education

(1) Recycling of computer material.
Kounadis Stavros, Skouroglou Kostantinos

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(D) Other Activities

(1) Intra School Chess Competition.
Louka Argyris, Skaperas Andreas

(2) The Mediterranean, sea of peace for its people.
History, commerce and natural environment.
Didaskalou Fotini, Kalogeropoulou Kostantina, Koutsoumpa Maria, Fiotakis Dimosthenis

(3) Improvement of school areas and conservation of greenery.
Louka Argyris, Kroustalloudi Maria, Didaskalou Fotini

(4) Internet page.
Kounadis Stavros

(5) Library facilities (enrichment of book resources, loans and self study).
Lagou Dimitra, Petri Moshoula

(6) Class Libraries.
Vasiliou Thea

(7) International Amnesty.
Anasi Mina

(8) Market with Unicef products.
Anasi Mina, Lagou Dimitra

(9) Increasing awareness on ecological issues.
Petri Moshoula, Livada Eugenia

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(E) European Programs

(1) Sokratis: Evaluation of quality of education (stage 2).  Support for Learning Difficulties.  Collaboration with five European schools.  Coordination from “Manuel Cargaleiro” Gymnasium, Portugal.  Coordinator of our school team, Andriani Georgiou.
Also participate: Kalpaktsidou Chrysa, Louka Argyris, Didaskalou Fotini, Anasi Mina, Paliokosta Nota, Vasiliou Thea, Sakellariou Ekaterini, Felliou Ioanna Kounadis Stavros.

(2) SEPPE: “Reorganisation of school facilities”.
Use of teaching aids to facilitate teaching process.
Participation by all teachers.  Coordination by Andriani Georgiou, supervision by Fiotakis Dimosthenis.

(3) EPAEK: ODYSSEA “Mnistires”
Use of new technology for the support of the educational process.  Teacher in charge Kounadis Stavros.

(4) Action Programs.

(a) “The Chapels of Kifissou”.
Our school coordinates five other greek schools.
Coordinator: Kounadis Stavros, participating staff, Georgiou Andriani, Kalpaktsidou Chrysa.

(b) Multimedia for the education of people with special needs.
Our school participates.  Coordinator: Kounadis Stavros.

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(F) Collaboration with schools abroad.

(1) Collaboration with our sister school, Neapolis Gymnasium, Limassol.
Exchange of visits, ideas, etc.
Coordinators: Georgiou Andriani, Louka Argyris.

(2) Collaboration and exchange of visits with Ludwig-Georgs-Gymnasium, Darmstadt, Germany.
There has already been a visit from the above school by a group of students of Ancient and Modern Greek.  The students were accommodated at the homes of parents and teachers of our school.
Coordinator: Georgiou Andriani in collaboration with Felliou Ioanna.

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