SCHOOL YEAR 1998-1999

Overall Program Design and Co-ordination:
Mrs Andriani Georgiou, Principal

Α. Cyprus, the Island of Aphrodite
(1) Historical overview, sights and attractions of Cyprus.
(Mrs Trapali, Mrs Didaskalou, Mrs Sakellariou)

(2) Cypriot Art, Craft and traditions
(Mrs Anasi)

3) Cypriot dialect and educational system
(Mrs. Felliou, Mrs. Lagou)

(4) Art and Engraving with the theme οn Cyprus - students work
(Mrs. Paliokosta)

(5) Magazine dedicated to Cyprus
(Mrs. Koutsoumpa, Mrs. Cretikou)

(6) Book Exhibition based οn Cyprus
(Mrs. Georgiou, Mrs. Tsakalopoulou)

(7) Presentation of chronicle about Cyprus "Bitter-sweet island ...." using narration, poetry, songs, dramatization and dance movements.

(8) Cypriot Folk dancing
(Mr Tsoulias, Mrs Valvi)

(9) School market with cypriot delicacies
(Parents Association co-ordinating with Mrs Lagou, Mrs Livada, Mrs Georgoulli)

(10) Cypriot Feast

(11) Cypriot literature, presentations by different classes
(Mrs Trapali, Mrs Zgourou, Mrs Vasiliou, Mrs Felliou, Mrs Georgoulli, Mrs Sakellariou)

(12) Presentation of english literature pieces about Cyprus
(Mrs Livada)

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B. Health education
(Mrs Georgiou Co-ordinator)

(1 ) First Aid
(Mrs Kalpaktsidou, Mrs Didaskalou, Mrs Kalogeropoulou)

(2) Traffic accidents
(Mrs Petri, Mrs Kalpaktsidou)

(3) Dental Health
(Mrs Anasi, Mrs Paliokosta)

(4) Nutrition
(Mrs Anasi, Mrs Paliokosta)

(5) Blood Donation- Anaemia
(Mrs Georgoulli)

(6) Prevention of orthopaedic problems in children aged 11-13, and adopting α healthy lifestyle
(Mrs Kalogeropoulou, Mrs Didaskalou, Mrs Koutsoumpa)

(7) Prevention of use of alcoholic drinks
(Mr Loukas, Mrs Kroustalloudi, Mr Tsoulias)

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C. Education οn Environmental lssues - Recycling
(Mr Koutsoumpas, Mrs Vlahou, co-ordinator Mrs Georgiou)

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D. Amnesty Intemational
(Mrs Anasi, Co-ordinator Mrs Georgiou)

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Ε. Purchase of UNICEF products
(Mrs Anasi, Mrs Lagou, co-ordinator Mrs Georgiou)

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F. Other Activities
(co-ordinator, Mrs Georgiou)

(1) Intra School Chess competition
(Mr Loukas, Mrs Kroustalloudi, Mr Skaperas)

(2) Intra school Mathematics competition
(Mrs Kroustalloudi, Mr Skaperas)

(3) Beautification of school grounds, Flower Exhibition
(Mr Louka, Mrs Kroustalloudi)

(4) Formation of ecological association
(Mrs Petri)

(5) Shadow Theatre "Karagkiozis"
Historical overview and display of related material.
Visit at Spathario Museum.

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G. School Library
(Mr Lagou, Mrs Petri, Mrs Livada)

& Class Libraries
(Mrs Vasiliou)
(co-ordinator Mrs Georgiou)

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Η. Internet Site (outlining school functions)
(Mr Kounadis)

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Ι. European Ρrograms
(1) Socrates “Evaluation of quality in education”
(co-ordinator, Mrs Georgiou)
(Mrs Vasiliou, Mrs Kalpaktsidou, Mr Louka, Mrs Felliou, Mrs Sakellariou, Mrs Didaskalou, Mrs Anasi, Mrs Paliokosta)
Liaison with school in Portugal

(2) SEPPE Improvement of school grounds
(co-ordinator, Mrs Georgiou, with the participation of αll students and teachers)

(3) TRENDS - Modum connection with various information centres, Internet etc.
(Mrs Kritikou)
Continuation of the program `With the Wings of Hermes'

(4) ΕΡΕΑΕΚ: ODYSSEY - Use of computer for enriching teaching presentations
(Mr Skouroglou)

(5) EPEAEK - Chapels of Kifissos river
(co-ordinated by this High school οη co-operation with five other schools)
(co-ordinator, Mr Kounadis, with Mrs Georgiou, Mrs Kalpaktsidou)

(6) COMENIUS: “M@RENOSTRUM” Liaison with school in Portugal
(co-ordinator Mr Fiotakis with Mrs Trapali, Mrs Didaskalou)

Possible visit to the British Museum (Mr Fiotakis)


(9) EPEAEK: Communication means for Children with Special Needs
(Mr Kounadis)

Στην αρχή της σελίδας

(1) Possible liaison with classical Lyceum in Italy

(2) Possible sister school association vvith school in Cyprus
(at the initiative of Mrs Georgiou)

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